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Hi Ev1,

and all my other friends....It has been 1 1/2 years since my ablation. Time flies as I look back and read this post.
Unfortunately, the EP found an extremely large left scarred atrium and did not have high hopes for success. I was put on the Flecainade, Metoprolol, and Eliquis...all drugs that I was hoping to come off of. I began to tolerate the Flecainade and was in Afib control for about a year and 1/4. Then tacycardia started which would go into Afib episodes. That is where I am right now.

My EP wants to try another ablation and is waiting for me to give him the green light. I am trying to mentally get there. I know that it is right around the corner. He also wants to send me to a Thoracic Surgeon for a Left Atrium Clip and a possible new procedure for ablation called The Convergence Ablation if the second ablation is not successful. I will be starting a new post shortly asking questions about these operations.

Bless all of you and I hope everyone is doing well. I am trying to lean on my faith and give it up to the Lord. Some days are harder than others.


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Hello, CeCe. If it's any comfort, there are others in the very same place you are. I have had five ablations for my obstinate a-fib, which always seems to return. Been on Flecainide for many years, which kept the episodes pretty infrequent; I eventually failed that drug. Am using Amiodarone now, but still get episodes. My EP has also suggested convergent ablation and I am considering it. It seems to be the "latest and greatest" advance in surgery for arrhythmia and is often successful; my doctor said she treated a patient with a medical/pharmacological history much like mine, and he is now 95% free of all arrhythmias. I will make this decision soon. You have my empathy and prayers. J.