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Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: May 16 12:26pm | Replies (16)

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Has this person experienced trauma? I ask because these are play by play issues I struggle with when my PTSD is triggered and im trying to process.

If not: it may be a good time to evaluate medications. You build a tolerance after so long and they feel ineffective. This person may be struggling to filter these emotions.
How kind of you to reach out, what a nice support system!

Also Aspys qualify under autism and I know there are a lot of organizations that offer free group and processing training in low key relaxed outdoor settings this person may benefit from if they were open to it and 9 times out of 10 they are.

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Replies to "Has this person experienced trauma? I ask because these are play by play issues I struggle..."

I was diagnosed with bi polar but the depressive side. I no longer feel the highs I used to get.. Now I am diagnosed with severe depression and it’s tiring.

I no longer enjoy my life with anybody and I have isolated from friends. I don’t care about people around me. I am no longer emphatic towards them. I am numb with no feelings. I have 3 to 4 friends. I hate anybody I run into. As a result everybody has distanced from me. I don’t blame them.
I’m not friendly with anybody but one sister out of six. Five of them don’t associate from me. My three kids have no relationship with me and my x-wife asked for a divorce after having been married for 39 years. I’ve lost everything and disabled to the point that I have to live in an assisted living facility.

I’ve had thoughts of ending my crappy life. I ended up in critical condition in an ICU with a two week coma. Once I took all my meds at once and ended up in critical condition again. Im hopeless