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Hairy Cell Leukemia

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Sorry, I didn't mean to scare anyone. I tried the infusion 3 times. The drip was on the lowest level. I was very emotional to be honest because I know that's the best treatment plan. I took 40 mg dexamethasone the 3rd time 12 hr before and then 5 or 6 others were injected before they started the drip. I'm waiting to talk to my Oncologist next week.

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Vickie, I get it! Cancer and dealing with all the treatments is emotional! We each have our own agonizing stories and I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this too. To put it bluntly, cancer sucks.
I had Rituxan infusions and it was a miracle drug for me. I was forewarned that there may be a reaction with the first infusion. About 40 minutes into it, I did need more benadryl and Solumedrol. But that was then end of it and subsequent treatments were all fine. I just wanted other people to realize that Ritixan is another positive drug in the cancer war chest.
It’s pretty clear that for you this might not be a good option. That has to be really frustrating because I know you’re anxious to get on with treatment so you regain some normalcy in your life. Let me know what you find out from your oncologist, ok? Hugs.

Good morning, Vickie. I just wanted to check in to see to see how you’re doing. You were gong to be seeing your oncologist a few weeks ago. Was there any discussion of new treatment for you?