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Extreme outer ear pain: What can it be?

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I suffered for 11 years of outer ear pain at night! It was a fluke how i discovered what 100% cured. I never new others suffered untill a friend told me there problem. I googled and was amazed at all the forums out there. This also cured my friend, thats why i am trying to share to all I can. For 11 years eveynight, i would wake up 1-3 times a night in excruciating pain. Would last 2-7 min after sitting up. Went to many doctors. No answer.
I went to a chiropractor for a horrible shoulder/neck pain. He mention i should by this pillow. $115.00 ! Ouch. I was desperate. Needless to say never helped my shoulder/neck. Just had to wait it out. But i did notice from first night no ear pain. Didnt think the pillow would have helped. Just thought it was a fluke. Days go buy, no ear pain. Of course i still dont think the pillow had anything to do with it. Just thought I grew out of it as things come and go. I was traveling, had to stay at a hotel. Low and behold 1st night ear pain! Woke up 3 times in excruciating pain. Suffered 4 more nights. Went home 1st night no pain! Needless to say bought a travel size. Bad thing is it has water it in. So be careful you you are flying. I have not been stopped at the airport yet. But you can always drain it first. I am not affiliated with the company what so ever! Want to make that clear. It is called the chiroflow pillow. Its been 7 years of no ear pain, except a few occasions when i forgot to bring it. After you forget it a few times, you learn to pack it first. Good thing is you can buy it alot cheaper on amazon for around $40.00. Please let me know if this works for anyone out there!!!!!

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Hello @karenwithnomoreearpain. Please tell us the name of this pillow and where we can buy it. Thanks for the info. @danavs.

Chiroflow, you can buy it on amazon now, around $40

FYI - read through the reviews before purchasing this one. Apparently the real Chiroflow pillows are only available through chiropractors and are not sold "online". Even their official website refers you to a chiropractor that sells them with no way to order one directly. I don't know how they could get away with using the name brand and logo if they aren't real if that is the case. Just a good idea to research before buying.