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Extreme outer ear pain: What can it be?

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This is my first time to post here so I may not be doing it correctly. I was diagnosed with Chondrodermatitis Nodularis helicis. my outer right ear extremely painful!!
Here is a link that tells all about it. It is also referred to as Winklers disease. http://www.dermnetnz.org/lesions/chondrodermatitis.html. As far as I know there is no cure. I don't have but a very small leasion when it gets really irritated. My doctor said stay off that ear when sleeping! Sad for me because if I sleep on my left side, I get dizzy. So that only leaves sleeping on my back. So I ordered a pillow called "Pillow with a hole in the middle".....but I didn't like it because it was too uncomfortable because it was too hard and hurt my neck. But the hole did give relief for my ear. Then I tried sleeping for two months with my arm folded under my head, no pressure on my ear, but I'm now having headaches.
My standard size pillow is Very soft and I can punch a hole and put my ear there and that gives a little relief, until the pillow starts fiilling in the hole. So it is nights of fluffing my pillow and making a hole for my ear. My doctor said the outer cartilage of my ear is inflamed, so I guess that is why some anti-inflammatory pills would help.....but as someone said they can be bad for your stomach. I will stop here, I am very sorry that some of you have this condition, I know how much we all long for a good nights sleep!

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Same here first time to use so I wasn't sure which post to reply to, anyhow, I started to get pain in my right ear a number of years ago, not sure how long maybe 6 to 8. I got myself in the habit of sleeping on my left but of course would wake now and then on my right.
About 5 months ago I started taking cbd hemp oil for anxiety and about a month into taking it I realised that I no longer had pain in my ear after lying on it. I'm not sure how long it took to work as I avoid lying on my right. People spoke in posts about anti inflammatory working, cbd oil is a very effective anti inflammatory so that might be the reason it worked. The oil I take is from the hemp plant and not the cannabis plant so it can be bought legally in ireland in many shops. I take one that is 8 percent cbd. You put 3 to 5 drops under your tongue hold for 1 min then swallow. Hope this helps, worth a try