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Extreme outer ear pain: What can it be?

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at least i'm not alone in this. no redness, no swelling, etc. Doctors i saw (ear, nose, throat doc.; my own internist; had exrays and MRI) looked at me funny when i tried to explain my situation. thanks @bearylynn,i also have been bunching up a pillow so there is least amount of touching my ear. i seem to be able to somewhat lay on my left side, but my right cannot abide it. in fact if i even lay on right side even without anything touching my ear, i'll still get it.terrible pain. i am currently 72, and think that perhaps i'll never get rid of this and must suffer with this for rest of my life.

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Hi Ellen. If your ear pain is caused by vascular pooling, it's possible that elevating the head of your bed might provide some relief. Raise the frame 4 to 6 inches so the entire bed is at an angle, to allow for your whole body to be evenly stretched out while you sleep (not just your head or upper body). It is quite comfortable and easy to do. Bricks, wood blocks, or even old books work nicely. Also try a medium softness to soft pillow to take the pressure off the peripheral ear area. The other item you could include in positioning your head might include a McKensie roll. It's a soft neck bolster that doesn't impede circulation like firmer bolsters tend to do. Good luck.

Hi again Ellien, Another possibility is if the ear pain has a neurological origin (peripheral) or muscular origin, there are some exciting things happening in the area of kinesiotaping. For this you would go through Physical or Occupational Therapy with a physicians referral. But make sure you shop around for a therapist who is experienced or trained in various kinds of kinesio-taping.

thanks, @upartist. i am definitely going to try the elevation. although i do elevate my upper body due to acid reflux problems, i can see that i probably should try raising the bed.. also read your thoughts about kinesio-taping. not sure i understand it, but will keep in mind. and research. perhaps discuss with my doctor. if i should get any relief by raising the bed itself, i will let everyone know.

I have extreme pain too. I keep roll on biofreeze by the bed and roll it onto my ears. It burns and provides relief and I can usually fall asleep again. I have this issue every night. It's just too much pressure on the vascular tissue of our ears 🙁

Have seen several doctors for this. Finally my ENT diagnosed it. Will tell you more after biopsy. He says there is no known cure. Also, no treatment. Another doctor told me that it has something to do with inflamation. Told me to take two Motrin half hour prior to laying down and this will work. IT DOES. I don't know how long I will keep taking it though. Not good for digestive system. Think it is causing acid reflux and can cause ulcers. Also, have other undiagnosed health issues that no doctor can figure out.

See ENT. Get ear biopsy to test for Relapsing Polychondritis.

Treated with steroids.

Motrin does help. If you want diagnosis see an ENT. Possible Relapsing Polychondritis.

I have seen all kinds od Doctors in 18 years. Why take medication when i found my cure. Are you a robot, or a doctor pushing medication. I dont get it. I try to let people know fluke accident of a pillow i bought for a different problem.

Sorry! Not robot or doc. This is what happened to me and doc said she treats with steroids.