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Extreme outer ear pain: What can it be?

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I've had same symptoms for 20 years.

When I sleep on my side, I bunch edge of memory foam (lightweight) pillow under my neck so force of ear on pillow is minimal.

Also - when really acting up - small amount of terazol cream (yes, it's a 'vaginal' yeast cream -- and I've also used it for yeast in my dog's ear) on a q-tip swabbed around the ear canal.

In 2007, I had ear tubes placed (not related to this). My left ear, which is the one with the soreness problem, became VERY painful and would bleed when I slept on my left side. After deciding drum was infected at the tube, it was removed. Surgeon was surprised at how infected it was -- even needed to patch the drum. I think that's when I decided to try to treat for yeast.

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Well, I'm glad to know I'm not being crazy when I go too myENT with this issue, I've had outer ear pain about every 2 or 3 months, comes and goes. Seems it gets worse for me when I lay on it. Ive been to my ENT, and lat time it was MRSA....Yea.....But now the say thats gone, and the pain I feel could just be from my Brain surgery 3 years ago....Cartlidge healing????? It still hurts some days and my ENTgave me creme for my ears to stop the itching...Helps some, doesn't stop the pain at the base of my ear...

Did your Dr. give you any antibiotics for the infection? If so, did the ear pain subside during that time?

I also have this and no doctors have helped either. When i wake the pain is so bad i literally have to force myself to pick my head up with my hands the pain is so unbearable once i finally sit up takes about an hour for relief. Need to know whats causing this.

Look up Relapsing Polychondritis. Read everything you can find on the web. I truly believe this is what I have and my doctor agrees. Unfortunately there isn’t much to be done for it but if you feel what you are experiencing, then you can bring it to your doctors attention.
Many people have this and have gone through the same reaction from our doctors. They simply don’t have the knowledge of this rare disease.