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Posted by dmiles @dmiles, I have 9 rare disease (few since birth), I Just have symptoms overlapping symptoms and need to know PV and MF symptom vs the stuff I have. There is NOT magic, "symptom chart". We are all different and experience things differently. How do you know you don't have other underline disease you don't know about and never diagnosed? My PV was skip over for years, passed off as other things. Hematologist went over few questions (next have list of what PV symptom vs other symptoms.... (I've spent days researching PV)
Y/ N Headaches
Y/ N Feeling Hot/ Sweating
Y/ N Night Sweats
Y/ N Ringing in the ears
Y/ N Blurred vision or blind spots
Y./ N Dizziness or vertigo
Y/ N Reddish or purplish skin (bruising)
Y/ N Unexpected weight loss
Y/ N Bleeding or clotting
Y/ N Early feeling of fullness (satiety)
Y/ N Itching (pruritus), especially after taking a shower
Y/ N Burning and redness of the hands or feet
Y/ N Tiredness (fatigue)
Y/ N Bone pain
Y/ N Large spleen/ liver
Y/ N High Blood pressure
Y/ N Iron regulatory of weight gain or weight loss
Watch for signs;
97% Y/ N Extreme exhaustion (fatigue)
75% Y/ N Insomnia
65% Y/ N Depression
65% Y/ N Abdominal Pain/ spleen size, abdominal discomfort, bloating (feeling full)
59% Y/ N Inactive
56% Y/ N Night Sweats or Day Sweats (Feeling Hot)
53% Y/ N Dizziness and headaches
51% Y/ N Inflammation
64% Y/ N Contraction / Memory Issues (foggy)
52% Y/ N Restless leg symptoms
50% Y/ N Severe Bone or Joint Pain
48% Y/ N Breathing difficulty and Cough
47% Y/ N Craving weird foods
46% Y/ N Chewing and craving ice
46% Y/ N Acid reflux and heartburn
48% Y/ N Weight loss
40% Y/ N Fevers
39% Y/ N Pale Skin Color/ Anemia
38% Y/ N Muscles weakness or muscles soreness
37% Y/ N Chronic infections
30% Y/ N Numbness and tingling
28% Y/ N Inability to keep warm (poor iron absorption and oxygen levels).
35% Y/ N Overlapping symptoms of other Medical conditions
eight Mass:
(Normal weight = less symptoms) Lower/ Higher weightmass = more symptoms
Woman will have more symptoms than men
56% Men are diagnosed with PV then woman
Yoga and Mediation (less sweating and less painful then excise)
Recommended Diets: Anti-inflammatory food list
Severe symptoms shows disease progression
Overproduction of blood will produce produces more symptoms
anyway going to give this to my doctor; hoping he can understand my symptoms better

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What is your diagnosis? Hugs