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Mesenteric Panniculitis or Sclerosing Mesenteritis

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Hello PC, thank you for your reply. It is so good to hear from people with similar complaints as I have, and it is also very good to know that I am not alone.
About your food-question: I have always had problems with my intestines. Sometime they act normal, and sometimes they "mess up". And in most cases it is hard to tell if it is a result of something I ate. So also for my MP it is hard to tell if there is certain food that causes problems.
But I have found out some things that seem to work for me, but not in the way that they cure things: don't eat to many in one time (little portions is better) and food with a lot of fat doesn't improve the situation. I'm also trying to lesser my use of sugar.
But I don't quit eating all the things I like, because dealing with MP is hard enough, so there is no need to make your life more uneasy.
But I try to eat less of the "bad" things and more of the healthy things. Although I've always done that in my life.

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Morning @marcrllk ! Good to hear you are listening to your body. I sure believe we are chemical beings. Everything we come in contact with, ingest and/or breath effects us somehow. I tend to be “sensitive” and try to be aware, what might be a trigger. I have a strong reaction or next-to-no reaction. Same thing with my asthma. But I go from being ok , being ok, to not ok at all and in the middle of a very strong reaction. My allergies are like that too. Crazy body. But I have found with more rest ( not a good sleeper) just down time, watching tv, relaxing and direct attempts to eliminate stress-I’m much better. How about you? Do you find stress if all kinds bites?

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