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Scar tissue after Liver transplant

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@bogietopar I am 15 months post liver transplant. I’ve had periodic issues with my scar- some lumpy parts and some discomfort/itching. In some lumpy parts - around my sternum, between my breasts, and more recently on my right side at the end of that scar. I’ve been instructed to with clean hands to do some gentle messaging. It does help de-knot things, break up the tissue, and make more comfortable but to be honest I hate doing it. I shower everyday and let soap bubbles swoosh around me without scrubbing. Make sure you keep the scar area clean and don’t scrub. That’s what my team tells me.

It’s interesting that this came up as today for work I was in a CPR training and as I leaned over my mannequin to do chest compressions, I felt a sharp pain that was scar related pain. I applied gentle pressure over my clothes, rubbing lightly and the pain dissipated.

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Hello..Jackie here...Well
Blow me over! I never
Was informed about this scar tissue issue. I am 2 yrs with my liver transplant. But,this June will be 2 yrs since my hernia surgery on same side as liver! I also had 2 layers of mesch put in left side to tie up loose
Inside skin n muscle.i have been feeling twinges on r. Dude and never thought it b adhesions...holy crap! I will pay more attention and do rubbing of all areas. I go for ck up in April and will talk to my Dr. Thanks to u all for this info..I learn more n more from u all...love n kisses to all...