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Mesenteric Panniculitis or Sclerosing Mesenteritis

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Well, I am currently on sick leave from my job; though that may end by April. I have tried to keep things calm in my home, which includes routine. Not rut, but routine. I have given myself a few daily jobs around the house that are non-negotiable, no matter how bad I am feeling. I stopped wearing a watch, greatly reduced listening to the news (specifically politics!) and stopped watching the weather channel. In place of what was my life, I read (who knew mysteries would be so enjoyable?), I (try to!) paint landscapes and in the winter have taken up sewing and knitting. I am quite pathetic at the last two, but they do keep me occupied lol. Because my doctor has not given me the go-ahead to go back to yoga (which I love!), I take some time daily just to do some meditative breathing. If I am up to it and the weather permits (I live in Canada), I go for a walk. Usually the walks are reserved for when my husband is home. It's nice to have the company. Finally a lot of 'drama' or sweating the small stuff has ended. Before this illness, day would drift into day, month into month, season into season. I was so busy that I think I lost sight of a few things. This illness has forced me to reevaluate needs and wants. I hope my experience helps!

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I sure agree Kimh -a routine but no drama. I am retired now but taught in reform school, a very large prison,a psychiatric hospital and crazy kids ❤️ In jr and sr high school. But state of mind was so important. Calming, to bed early and positive self talk essential. I travel a great deal and eating bland can be a challenge. Be well-thanks for sharing!