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Elevated liver enzymes after gallbladder removal

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In the beginning of September 2022 my ALT Was 116. In October it went down to 103. After that it very gradually decreased to 29, which is barely above the minimum standard. Another liver enzyme, AST, was 52 during my September 2022 blood tests (it should have been between 13 & 39). It too has come down well below the max. to normal 29 in the past 5 months. I still have 2 Liver enzymes coming down to the normal range but not yet there. One is GGT which came down from 660 to 290 (normal max=64!). Another enzyme, ALP, has come down from 255 to 218 (max. normal is 121).
These enzymes fluctuate so much even doctors sometimes have no explanation. I did two liver biopsies & an MRI. Despite the above significant disparities from the standard, all results came back normal. My hepatologist (i.e liver doctor) did some adjustments on the dosage of the medications I was on & added a new one. I believe these adjustments helped very much.
Please do not worry that much. Liver cancer has its own awful & nasty symptoms & from your post nothing indicates that way. For full disclosure, I am not a doctor nor am I related to medicine in any way. Liver enzymes fluctuate for so many reasons & most are just transient & benign. Just faithfully adhere to whatever your doctor instructs you to do. Do not take the liberty of dropping prescribed medication arbitrarily into your own hands. Because it is not yours. After all that – just leave all your anxiety & worries at our Lord's feet (or whoever you believe in) & walk away. You will be surprised God will find a way out for you. If you trust He will not fail you.
I am a liver transplant recipient.

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This is a beautiful post full of hope for any reader.
Thank you!