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I am writing this by voice so hopefully this comes out right since this last entry I have been to see a specialist for Gastrology and they couldn't find anything except I now have a hiatus hernia from vomiting so much still have not gotten any answers we are about to lose everything we have I have reached far and long trying to find out answers and truly even more loss now than I was when I wrote this post originally I wrote an article posted on LinkedIn posted on Facebook Twitter everywhere I could possibly post it I have done a GoFundMe fundraiser I have posted on PayPal I've gotten a little bit of help but not enough I'm at my wit's end I have it here a couple other times saying that I'm about to lose everything my car that I've worked so hard for that I need to be able to get back and forth to doctors my home is keeping me warm and dry my family members who think they I'm just being a hermit doing God only knows what we feel so alone sometimes my husband is going off his rocker what do we do where do we go you know who is going to help me before tomorrow like I said still no answers I'm down 46 lb since December 5th just now starting to be able to get some things down my stomach but when I spoke to the specialist when he did my test yesterday he did a colonoscopy upper GI lower GI a HIDA scan and some biopsies on tissue and masses that were found in my digestive system but none of it seems to be related to The covid sickness so I don't know where to go from here I have every symptom of post covid but cannot seem to get a diagnosis or recognition of what is really going on takes my breath away the article that I wrote talks about people of my age my demographics that there's no help for I heard crickets for the most part I really want to take a stand and have a voice for people to understand long covid is real and people are dying and losing everything it's no wonder that suicide rates and drug use rates are so high is it part of their plan what is it somebody please talk to me

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PS when I went to see the gastrologist yesterday and we are talking about my weight loss of why is this happening he says so you're not eating why are you not eating? He was talking to me as if I was purposely creating anorexia myself and I'm thinking to myself who in God's name would ever do that to themselves and I understand there are people who do don't get me wrong but folks I want to understand something I was 265 lb in November I am now 202 lb so excuse me that is if my math is correct I have lost a total of 63 lb in 2 months. I really don't think I would have done that to myself sorry and I definitely wouldn't be holding my feces to cause sepsis that's just insane I just wish people would understand not everybody is a liar there are some of us out here who are truly sick and need help and can't get any. Lord bless these Physicians and everything that they have to deal with on a daily basis may God open their eyes to see the true trouble that these helpless patients are dealing with thank you for listening I'll shut up now!!!