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My experience with the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville took place last year. I do not have have cancer, but I did require prostate surgery due to having a prostate that was enlarged and growing into my bladder. The type of surgery I needed was only performed by two surgeons in Florida, one of which was at the Mayo in Jacksonville. Once I was ready to find out how I could get into the Mayo to see this Doctor, I went online with the Mayo and reached out to ask for an appointment. I gave them the background to my condition and asked if I could see Dr. Dora. Within a few days, the Mayo responded and asked for records, images, etc. I submitted via email the answers to their questions, I mailed them MRI images of the prostate. Within a week, I had an appointment to see Dr. Dora. It took about 4 weeks to see him…..and then based on that appointment, my surgery was scheduled for two months after that! Could not be more satisfied with the results of the entire Mayo Clinic experience from beginning to end. I have never been to the Rochester facility, or the Arizona facility so I cannot comment on them at all. I have to believe that the three Mayo Clinic’s all share practices and procedures. I don’t think one could do any better than receiving care from any of the three! I was so happy to have been provided care from the Jacksonville Mayo. I believe I would have been equally happy had it been either of the other two clinics. One may be able to get to you sooner than the other! One may simply be more convenient than the other two. Because your case is much more urgent than my own, maybe you consider reaching out to all three Mayo Clinic’s to see if access to one might be sooner than the other? I might add that the Mayo in Jacksonville partners with an insight hotel which makes it much easier if you’re visiting from some distance, and the rate is a reduced rate from the advertised rate if you’re having a procedure there. There is shuttle service every 15 minutes from the hotel to the hospital just a few hundred yards away. Good luck friend!

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PSA of 12 in late August 2022. Biopsy showed Gleason 6 intermediate risk prostate cancer mid September. Reviewed treatment options via Dr. Walsh's book, Surviving Prostate Cancer. Contacted Mayo Clinic Rochester late September, video appointment late October, treatment began 13 December. My situation was not urgent and I suspect Rochester could and would move even more quickly had it been. Entire process from submission of tests, biopsy, MRI… was super easy. Recommend Mayo Rochester.