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PMR in cold or inclement weather

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Hello PMR Community~
I am going on 7 years with my PMR battle, and possibly another autoimmune issue. I see a Rheumatologist at Duke Hospital, and I am currently on 15mg. of injectable methotrexate, and down to 4mg. of Medrol.
Even on both meds, I had a very bad flare up the beginning of January, and it took about 2 weeks to stabilize. The weather here in NC has been cold, and rainy. Not a lot of Sun.
I feel like my body really reacts to the weather changes, and although I am never pain free, the weather definitely affects me, and seems to make things worse.
Has anyone found that living in a certain climate has helped with flare-ups and/or symptoms?
I have heard that drive warm climates are best, but wanted some feedback.
Thank you😊

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Hi @kmb181, You are definitely not alone when it comes to PMR not liking a cold climate. You will notice that we moved your post to an existing discussion on the same topic so that you can read what other members have shared on weather changes and PMR.

@floridabonnie, @tinman2020, @crhp194 and others may also have some thoughts or suggestions to share with you.

I am on West Coast of Canada – wet and cold most all winter with very little sun. I bought an infra red sauna as there are claims it helps with pain and performs all kinds of good things. I thought initially it was just sales mumbo jumbo so I found a used one. The base is 39 inches by 41 inches standing 72 inches tall big enough for 2 peeps. I am truly amazed how 20 minutes morning and evening has noticeably reduced my pain level and makes me feel some how brighter! It might not work for everyone but it sure works for me.

Have you never been on Prednisone in all that time?It will relieve your pain.