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Hello @myelomawarrior, welcome to Mayo Clinic connect, I hope there is a member on connect that can share their experience of Cart – T and myeloma with you. I had large B cell lymphoma, however I can say that I had muscle weakness and joint pain for quite some time after treatment. In my case there was nothing prescribed to relieve the side effects. In time, a healthy diet and much exercise and strength conditioning has resolved the bulk of my side effects. I still suffer from neuropathy of the feet which I am told I am stuck with which is OK by me.

Are you able to do some strength conditioning exercises?

I wish you the best news in your follow up appointments.

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Thank you so much for your reply @grandpabob. It’s been a long road and hearing from someone who has been through it and had the same symptoms makes me feel so much better. I’ve done so much reading as has my husband about all of this but I’m sure you can understand the fear of it being more than just side effects. I’ve been taking some meds for pain and using topical but am hoping it will subside soon. If you don’t mind me asking, how long did you have the joint pain/weakness? Mine is mostly in my shoulders and my legs.

I plan to start PT soon if I can get approved for it and was thinking of trying acupuncture.

How did the car-t go for you? Did you get a good response?