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Is there a NET team anyone can recommend?

I had a right upper lobe lobectomy in May 2022. The lung net pathology noted angiolymphasivcular involvement. What does that mean?Since then they found a new growth in my right lower lobe and liver (which I will have a liver biopsy next week). Some doctors say the liver growth is a hemangioma from birth (which is weird because why didn’t it show up on the million other scans I had prior to lung lobectomy May 2022? In addition September 2022 I was in a lot of right upper abdonimal pain and nausea. The doctor ordered a scan and they found the liver lesion. Radiologist (not NET radiologist said it was a hemangioma from birth and to not worry about it. Then why did right upper abdonimal pain and nausea start in September 2022 and is not going away and it is tender to the touch? Hot and swollen? And it did not show up prior to September? The radiology reports always read cancer has not metasisized. Even when I had a PET copper dotonate scan August 2022 and it shows SUV uptake in a spine growth and rib. Then in September 2022 my right upper abdonimal area was swollen, hot and on fire and I was nausea but am told it is just a liver hemangioma. Moffitt Cancer Center is doing a liver biopsy which I will travel 1,000 miles to do so it is with a NET team. My family is pressuring me to just get it down locally at the Univeristy of Michigan. What should I do? Does it matter where you get biospies and scans done at? If it is with a. NET center or not?

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Hello @melmangen,

It is good to hear from you again. I am sorry to hear of your continued symptoms and concerns.

Regarding your question about scans and biopsies, please know that once a scan or biopsy is performed, those scans or biopsy slides can be viewed by other medical professionals very easily. So, if you have the testing done at University of Michigan, the results can be sent to another facility if you would like a second opinion down the road.

In one of your posts from October, you mentioned that you would be having a virtual consultation with Mayo Clinic. Did you get any helpful information as a result of that consultation?