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Welcome to the MGUS club. It does seem a bit maddening to rely on the wait and see methodology, but that’s what we do.

I didn’t have the M protein in my urine. They do a pretty extensive bloodwork every three months and I know that, they monitor my kidney function closely. So far, everything has been OK.
I say this a lot because I find that the impact of anxiety really translates into physiological symptoms, but the more anxious I become the worse I feel. My white count shoots up in response to anxiety. It’s as though my body is fighting a physiological adversary. For this reason, I try to stay calm and centered about the diagnosis. While it’s true, that sometimes MGUS progresses to smoldering multiple myeloma or myeloma, that is rare statistically. I think it’s important to remember that. Live your life fully and not let anxiety be your theme song.
The other glass is half full thought I try to remember is that as a result of this diagnosis, I get excellent preventive medical care. They do such a thorough analysis, every three months with periodic scans, looking for lesions, that it is unlikely that some lethal disease will sneak up on me.
As a result of my MGUS workup, I know oh so much more about my 70 year old body and potential pitfalls than I ever would were I not so well attended.
Keep the faith.

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Thanks for your comments. I was diagnosed with MGUS in 2014 ,then CLL and APL had their turn. After 8 months of daily arsenic infusions, I am in remission from APL but CLL still active. Now the MGUS is generating free Kappas and igMs damaging all organs irreversibly. I am hoping to find anyone who has been treated to reduce free kappas.