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Wisdom from transplant patients pre Covid?

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Hi @coastalgirl 😊
It is so nice to meet you. You have made some excellent points! I received my kidney transplant during the height of covid in 2020 so I never experienced the stress of keeping safe pre-covid.
I went to the eye doctor yesterday in Florida for my check up. No one was wearing a mask. The sneezing receptionist, the coughing guy in the waiting room, etc. I wore my N95 and told all three technicians and the doctor that I was a kidney transplant. They asked me if I wanted them to put on a mask and then they happily complied. Pre-covid they probably wouldn't even have a box of disposable masks at their desks. You are absolutely correct that now, we have a slightly more educated population about the spread of respiratory infection. Unfortunately, Florida is one of the rebellious states against science and data. So many of the citizens fight the idea of a courtesy mask to protect the vulnerable, but the doctor offices are usually responsive upon request. Which organ did you have transplanted and how is your state doing with covid?

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@hello1234, I want to commend you for being proactive! You have demonstrated how we must be our own best advocate for our safety! By telling the receptionist that you are a kidney transplant recipient, she knew what she needed to do!
Did she ask about your transplant experience?