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Hello! I'm a Finnish 52 years old woman, who has MGUS diagnos, too much IgA, too little IgM and IgG. I've got this over 10 years. I'm not typical patient, because I've really blond skin, not a man and haven't got any other things from countrysides work or so. I've got mold toxin since 1980 from my school buildings. My only treatment is the blood tests once a year. I'm not satisfied with that, because many time I've noticed, that the doctors and nurses don't know anything about that. During this pandemic, I've been working with kids who has many viruses with them. I've got the first antibiotics last December to sinuses for three years, although there is information my treatment when some infection has found, but here in Finland they gave treatment only for C-19, but I didn't get it either. Now I have 5 vaccinations and had 1 C-19 in last May, but still feeling bad. I've many other diseases too, astma, allergies, Hypothyroidism, lack of B12, D25. But with MGUS, the life is like a joke, they really don't know what to do with that, and can't advice what is the markers with body, when I have to concern about, how can I notice if the situation is going worse. Have a better year 2023 and keep smiling with all our problems!

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I am checked quarterly to monitor my MGUS and see a hematologist/oncologist who specializes in multiple myeloma. A treatment provider who is specialized is important because, as you noted, the generalists are not well-trained in this area.
Although your MGUS may never advance to Smoldering or full tilt Multiple Myeloma, if it does, you want the optimal benefit of treatment, should it become necessary. Early intervention is best.
Best of luck. Let us know.