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Hi @baa, Goord Morning

Reading the messages between you and @jakedduck1, seizure dog is something that has come to my mind.

I myself have been considering this option. I have complex partial seizures and after some of them, I feel very confused, with difficulty talking. Thankfully, I have never had a seizure while walking around in the neighborhood. As I do not drive anymore, I do everything on foot nowadays: supermarket, pharmacy, Pilates, laundry, etc. A seizure dog would give me more security in those situations. I just did not adopt this option yet, as I and my husband live in an apartment that would be too small for a dog such as a Golden Retriever. But we have been considering moving to another place so as to have a seizure dog.

I very much agree with @jakedduck1 comments. It took me a while to find an epileptologist with whom I could have open talks. With a previous doctor, I felt very much imprisoned. He advised me not to do anything outside the home alone, always together with my husband. He also said I could not enjoy swimming in a pool and entering the sea, or riding a bike, even together with my husband. He exaggerated for my situation and I felt so limited and insecure! But with the chance of doctors and the help of my neuropsychologist, I could overcome those fears and have a more normal life again.

I wish you a nice day and stay positive!

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And good morning to you Santosha! I appreciate your comments about a seizure dog. I have read about this and since I am a huge animal lover did consider; however I gave 2 older cats who would make it impossible at this time (also in small apt with limits on pets).
Such a lovely translation of the story of Ubuntu. This brought tears to my eyes as I remember the precious children in Ethiopia I was blessed to spend time with in my life. I still dream of the times I was blessed to spend with them – how they shared all they had, and were so loving. How different we are in this country. So thank you for sharing. It truly touched my heart!