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I can’t get the subtitles.
Oh well.
Thanks anyway,

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Hi @jakedduck1

I am sorry to hear that.

I have translated parts of this video for you. Here it comes:

An anthropologist was studying the habits and customs of an African tribe. At the end of his work, he proposed a game for the children of the region. He placed a basket full of sweets under a tree and proposed a race, telling the children that whoever arrived first, would take the basket. The children lined up ready to run and when they were ready to run, the anthropologist said go. At this time, all the children joined hands and ran together to the tree and took the basket together and celebrated together. The anthropologist looked curiously at that situation and one of the children said UBUNTU. How could one of us be happy if all the others were going to be sad?
UBUNTU is a word that represents an ancient African philosophy that means: I am who I am, because we are all we. A person with UBUNTU is aware that he or she is affected when a similar one is affected. He or she knows the world is not an island and he or she needs others to be himself or herself. UBUNTU talks about basic respect for others, UBUNTU is compassion, sharing, empathy. In other words, people need people to be people.

Ubuntu to all of us in 2023!

Have a nice day!