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Mesenteric Panniculitis or Sclerosing Mesenteritis

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Hello all!

Just diagnosed with this condition today as a matter of fact. Didn’t get a lot of info from the doctor. Going on a prednisone regiment. I’ve read through some of the comments here and will continue. Which leads me to my questions…

It seems the prednisone works well for most. Does anyone have experience with it NOT working and what steps occurred next for you?

Did anyone notice certain foods that made it worse than others?

Anything you feel is really important you would share to someone that just discovered they have this condition?

Thank you all in advance. 🙂

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Hello @obert22, Welcome to this site. I hope you are not in too much pain since that is what usually leads to a CT and diagnosis. Sounds like your Dr.’s are not wasting a lot of time, that’s good. I have not taken Prednisone but as you mentioned it can work quickly and can work well. Getting a handle on the inflammation seems to be the main issue in the beginning. Something I would recommend is not to eat large meals that fill your belly. Also avoid foods that create gas and bloating which may lead to some painfull hours to follow. Read through the thread from the beginning, there are many suggestions on Diet.One thing I would share is get a copy of any test reports you have had. No big hurry but it’s easier if done soon. Get a copy of your CT from the radiologist if that is what you had. I use those plastic binder inserts that you can just drop reports
into. The second thing is if you don’t feel something is right get a second opinion. You are at this site because you are being proactive which is the way you need to be. If anyone ever mentions operating, I would suggest a second opinion for sure.I hope this helps for a start. It would be helpful to others if you let us know how you progress.Best wishes and I hope all works out well for you.@vdouglas