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Questions for oncologist consultation

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I would like to know how you are doing. I was also diagnosed with anal cancer. I had radiation and chemo in February and March of 22 Dr says I am clear, but I still have trouble with incontinence. Questions I ask are How long will side effects last? When will I have another colonoscopy (which discovered the cancer) I still question whether the radiation caused nerve damage in pelvic area.

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I was diagnosed in April of 22 and did chemo and radiation in may\june. Since then I had a PET scan in Sept and a sigmoidoscopy also in Sept. Those both showed that the cancer is gone. I'm doing ok with incontinence but was really struggling with diarrhea. That seems to be working better now. I played around using Imodium and that seems to have helped. I also had a blood clot in Sept that they say was brought on by the chemo. Doctor put me on a blood thinner that he says I need to take for a year. New problem came up last month. I'm 65 female whose had a hysterectomy years ago. Now I'm bleeding. Had some biopsies the other day and just waiting to see if its cancer. It's such a rare cancer that it's nice to talk with someone else who has the same thing. I'm supposed to have another sigmoidoscopy in March. My oncologist says he tests as often as Medicare will let him. He told me I'd hate him in 5 years. Lol I don't think so. As far as I'm concerned you can't test too much.