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Tacrolimus blood levels: Do yours vary?

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Gerry, that happens on occasion. I can remember when a generic version came out for Tacrolimus and the transplant team told me to let them know if I had any problems while they watched my levels. Result for me was no problem.
On occasion Mayo Specialty Pharmacy has changed supplier (maybe twice in 13 years) they notify me.
Whatever the reason, changes are made, it to be expected. You did the right thing to notify your nurse coordinator.
Like you, I take my meds at 8AM and 8PM. I’m a lite breakfast eater and since I’m retired, before/after meal can vary. My first priority is to be consistent with the 12 hour spacing.

How are you feeling with the increased dose of Tac?

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Thanks Rosemary. I went back and note that I have had 3 different manufacturers of my tac since transplant last Feb. The version I was on for about 6 months was from Strides – and my tac levels were fairly stable.
My nurse coordinator replied to me and said that it is important to let the team know if there has been a change in manufacturer, as this can impact tac blood levels. She said that when that happens, she will order a blood test to make sure the level is in target range. Good advice that we all need to keep in mind. I noticed the difference because the pills I received were a different color from the ones I had been taking and I immediately questioned CVS. I haven’t noticed any changes on how I feel on the increased dosage, but it’s only been about 4 days since the increase. Happy New Year and thanks for your advice.