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Hi, @dana3881, I'm a transplant recipient and want to welcome you to Mayo Connect. I spent many hours and days in the Mayo Methodist Hospital at Mayo Rochester.
I must first say that your support from a distance is wonderful! Our son did the same for us when we were there for an extended time.
Since your brother is going thru evaluation for liver transplant, he will have a pre-transplant nurse and a social worker to guide him (and caregiver/parents) thru the process. They are going to be the best resources for your brother and parents when they have questions and need information. The other valuable resource for navigating the Rochester/Mayo area will be the Concierge service, as Colleen has already shared with you. In fact, your parents can visit -in person- with a very friendly helpful agent.
Regarding your question about the in-patient barber services, I would encourage your brother to ask his hospital nurse. She/he would know the hospital policy and your brother's current health status if he is an inpatient.

Dana, The evaluation process consists of many tests, and it is very tiring.
Is your brother currently hospitalized? Will your parents be his caregivers? How can I help you to help them?

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You are so wonderful, thank you for your encouragement. He has been in-patient there for almost a week. But has been receiving tests for 2 weeks there. His kidneys are now having issues too. He frequently is disoriented so I will call the concierge service. I'm trying to wait to tell my parents things until I have firm solutions.