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Mesenteric Panniculitis or Sclerosing Mesenteritis

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I am in pain and in the er every 2 months….. moraphine,Nausea rx, prednisone…given at er t hen continue prednisone 5 days…I’m auto immune , still trying to figure out what involves and no one Dr wise can answer any questions…my intestines swell and I hurt base d during attacks which last until I get prednisone etc…..I am tired of routine uncontrollable routine I have every two months….what’s your advice and is this similarity to anyone? Have Been told my condition is very rare

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Hello, I’m mark from NC. I was diagnosed with S/m in 2010. Biopsy confirmed, mass the size of a fist that goes from the front to my back which explains the pains in the front, sides and back! Have been on all treatments that most every one has with no relief. I had to quit my job of 35 years because I couldn’t function anymore. I’m currently on fentynal patches and hydrocodone. It helps soom. It inoperable and seems to be getting worse. It’s very depressing as I have no job or life and the outlook is pretty dim. I’m giving up hope!:-(

Hi there, saw your posts on here about SM and MP. We have a support group with 57 members if you’re interested. It’s a private group to be able to share, support, receive support, doc info, meds, etc. I’m a mom with a pediatric kid with SM. If you write back I can give you the contact info if you’d like. No, it’s not the yahoo group either. That site has information in files, but not a very good support based group and of sharing and talking. We have 57 members on ours!

I am Sue from KnoxvilleTN. I was just diagnosed 3 days ago To see GI mid. April. I have read what I can find about mesentery panniculitis.would love a support group if you can give me contact info

Would love to join your group

Would love to be in the group but I don’t do facebook or other social
media’s. Thanks.

Hi This is Von in Las Vegas. I would love to join your support group. Not sure about the navigation, but I will give it a try.

I private messaged you 🙂

@shareie, Have you seen a GI doctor? I was on Prednisone for 2 months and then tapered off. I used the FODMAP diet and the swelling and pain subsided. MP is rare, but manageable. You have to find the right doctor and treatment program. Your primary physician can refer you to a GI doctor. Most everything is covered by insurance.

We have a gi doctor. Had scope/colonoscopy to see if they were missing anything. My husband is on bentyl, nortriptoline and something else. Just increased the meds because they aren’t working. He was on a strick diet for almost a month and that didnt help either. His stomach swells up alot. Has good days and bad days.

I wish I could be of more help.

New member with MP over 6 yrs ago..looking for or group to talk about other experiences and/or home treatments.

Welcome @bakb!
Please meet @vdouglas @bertbiz @dennisl27 @snoopdog @doron and others connecting here on Connect. We look forward to getting to know you. Why don’t you start by telling us a bit more about yourself and your 6 year journey with MP.

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