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Little pimples(?) pop up back of tongue

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I, too, am 79 years old! or young -- however you want to look at it. I wish I FELT young, however. I believe one day I will feel young. But now we have to live with the way things are.
I remember when I was in H.S. and my mother was concerned about my health and the family doctor came by. He more or less was a family friend (my uncle was a doctor) and I was studying voice and my mother asked me to sing for the doctor. 🙂 I loved to sing so had no compunctions about it at all. I sat at the piano and sang my heart away while I accompanied myself for a few minutes. 🙂 He was a kindly person and seemed to enjoy it. 🙂

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Ah well i felt young for ny age and people thought i was younger - being short hekped. but for 3 yrs and a list of medical issues and now stay in my house a lot i feel ten years older! Fortunately your relative was also a docor maybe... and the doctor as a family friend... nice memories for you but i have neighbour waiting 2 yrs for ophthalmologist where we live, i waited for a year where we live for ent to phone me and then he yelled at me about his problems... now waiting 5 months to see dermatologist while face feels like on fire, am not only one... yes time have changed and lucky were/are those who have a medical person in their family or social circle :- ) ps I wish i had learned to play a musical instrument - anything ! J.