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@donrealtesting Thank you for posting this. The link you provided gives a pretty clear explanation of the situation. I was pleased to see that it is from the company who I get my CBD capsules from! Always knew I liked them.

Personally, I do not take CBD on a regular basis, but it is indeed on my medication list. Unfortunately, there are medications I do take that are not advising grapefruit. Dang it! When I have an upset stomach, grapefruit juice was always my go-to to feel better.

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You're welcome. I agree it explains it clearly, however it is confusing. It says just like many things that interfere may cause problems with some people. We know how that goes, meaning it is a clear sign of an issue with those who are sick in many cases, or having problems and can't figure out why! It is not explained in common language, so get lost in scientific terms.

Think of it like this CBD and Grapefruit are the same things. So if you are taking drugs that effected by grapefruit, CBD should be avoided or used with caution. Less is better if you caught in this possible interaction. I will try and lower my xanax, but this may be an issue as it helped for both pain and anxiety for over 20 years. I can also lower my dose of tincture. It comes down to micro dosing.

I'm finding that small doses of the CBD every other day are helping as well. I actually spent almost 4 hours in the E.R. day yesterday, I though I was having a heart attack. I wasn't. The muscle issues I have and chest rib pain, shortness of breath all caused more anxiety and stress, holidays added to it. Got the EKG and Chest Xray out of the way. Dang it is right! With my pain there is no easy answer I guess. I'm at a loss now. Need to get an addiction specialist and see what's happening. I don't have a warm fuzzy feeing about this. I'm still here, but something's wrong.