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I would love to join this group. I was in the ICU 6 days the first time. Discharged. 2 weeks later I'm back there. Drs dont know why. I was intubated, raced to Vancouver hospital 1.5 hours away arriving in their ICU on life support and had a bronchoscopy and other tests. Extubated 2 days later. Total days in that ICU 5. I am having almost every symptom of PIC except delirium or nightmares. Flashbacks? Definitely. I've been afraid to drive because this illness DID happen twice and the second time sepsis was involved! I'm also afraid to get too physical incase my oxygen saturation drop and dont come back up! Thank you!!!!

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You can join the PICS discussion group here:
– Post-Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS) – Let's Talk https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/post-intensive-care-syndrome-pics-lets-talk/

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@yvonne55– Your many fears seem to be overtaking you. Regardless of any groups you join please seek psychiatric counseling. Having this many severe illnesses and interventions so close to each other would wreak havoc on anyone. I hope that you will sincerely give this a deep thought.

Do you have a family at home that can help you, make food, help you bathe, or do whatever you need?