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What does my Gastrin levels mean?

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My computer or certain TV shows and my husband and son. I was just talking to someone in my b12 deficentcy group on Facebook she is the second that said elevated gastrin levels usually mean precious anemia been talking to someone that has it having second thoughts about this gi I waited so long to see he is against b12 Injections and that's what I need now precipitous anemia you need b12 Injections for life so be interesting what they will say toe when they call back. You'd think they would have been more concerned. I had to wait 2 weeks for a response about my concern over my bloodwork my husband had to call. I gave them leeway for the Thanksgiving holiday no I have doubts over everything about him he said all my other antibody bloodwork was normal but was it? I see new pcp next week mYbe I should go over it with him this gi said endoscope every 5 yrs I thought that was too long this person I talked to said every 3 yrs due to the small chance of gastric cancer. I dint like having these doubts again he is my 3rd gi

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Hello @eileenb1022,

I agree with Colleen's, @colleenyoung, comments that your worry is understandable, however, until you get a more definitive answer and/or diagnosis, it might be a good idea to try to relax, plan on doing things that will allow you to rest from thinking about your gastrin levels.

I've had three surgeries for a rare type of cancer in the duodenal bulb, however, my gastrin levels were not all that high. In order to diagnose a serious gastric disorder, such as cancer, or pernicious anemia, many other tests need to be done. If you try to put a lot of emphasis on one test result you can create a lot of unnecessary worry and anxiety.

I would encourage you to consider looking for answers and talking with your medical team, but also give yourself a break from worry. I know that this is easier said than done, but it is important for your overall health to take time to relax.

Physical exercise will help you to put your worries in perspective while you wait for answers and a diagnosis. Are there any forms of physical exercise that you enjoy? I'm thinking of taking walks, practicing yoga or Tai Chi with a YouTube video?

I also have pernicious anemia and the B12 issue and the gastrin issue and get yearly biopsies of my stomach. If you ever want to bounce issues or ideas off each other, add me and we can chat! take care and you are nto alone. I feel alone and scared all the time!