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Hi @echo2022 You’re right in being concerned about the fruits to avoid with a liver transplant. But has more to do with possible medication interference than with hurting your liver. The list that @efrazz provided in their answer was spot on with the fruits to avoid. I had the same list from my transplant team. I could eat tangerines and clementines, limited to one per day. Lemon squeezed in water was fine.

When I was on Tacrolimus I couldn’t eat pomegranates or juice, grapefruit juice or fruits because they would interfere with that drug. People on Warfarin should avoid cranberry juice. So it’s best to ask your liver transplant team pharmacist what to avoid with the meds you’re on.

Here’s a little info from Medsafe about fruit interaction with meds.

I see you had your liver transplant in 2008. That’s great! Have you been avoiding some of these favorite fruits since then?

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Thanks for your detailed information. Yes, I don't eat grapefruits and just eat a few mandarins and tangerines although I like them. Because of the virus, I heard lemons are good to improve immune system, so I want to eat them every day.