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housing for Mayo Phoenix

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Do they have anything like that in Rochester for a 2 week stay? Can't afford a hotel. Maria.

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@mariajean03 There are some Hospitality House lodging places in Rochester for patients who qualify because they need an extended stay for treatment for conditions like transplants or cancer or some neurological conditions that require longer treatment times.

Hospitality Houses may be found at this page for Rochester:
If you don't qualify for those, it would be best to contact the free Concierge services and they can assist with a list of recommendations. If you need to pay for a hotel, in general, if it is farther from the Mayo campus, the rates are usually lower and they may have free parking. Closer in, hotels cost more and usually charge a parking fee. I used the Concierge services and they were very helpful.

Five Ways to Contact Mayo Concierge Services

Phone: 507-538-8438
Live Chat: https://www.mayoclinic.org/patient-visitor-guide
Email: concierge@mayo.edu
Web form: https://www.mayoclinic.org/patient-visitor-guide/minnesota/becoming-a-patient/concierge-travel-services
In-person in Rochester MN: Lobby hours are 8:00-5:00 Monday through Friday. Offices are located in the International Center in the Mayo Mathew’s Lobby, Executive Lounge on Mayo 5, Radiation Oncology Lobby – Desk R