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Digestive issues and fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia | Last Active: Dec 26, 2022 | Replies (25)

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Did your Dr recommend the Dr Schulze product? Instead of Miralax, I use a brand sold at Target that is cheaper. Do you take anything for your fibromyalgia? I have been having bad all-over body muscle pain off and on for months but Drs can't find anything wrong with me through blood tests etc. I am wondering if I might have it. I've also had chronic insomnia for months. Both started after I got Covid in late January. Thank you.

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Hello. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by a physical therapist. Traditional doctors say if they can't find it on blood test it doesn't exist. Fibro has 18 trigger points. You don't have to have all of them to be diagnosed. If you've ever had the flu where your entire body aches, if you have trouble sleeping, if you slept for 8hrs or more but still feel exhausted, if you are fighting fatigue you most likely have it. I had covid last Xmas into Jan 2022 because of my Fibro I felt like my body was beaten all over. I truly believe covid-19 causes more health problems way after you get over it. But research hasn't been done. Here is what I suggest, Google fibromyalgia doctors in your area. You may find someone. They just recently categorized Fibro as a neurological condition. Find A hormonal specialist or endocrinologist who does more than just treat diabetes. If you are taking ANY antidepressants make sure you take it in the morning NOT evenings. It will prevent you from restful sleep. A psychiatrist made that change for me. But I take melatonin 5mg/ 2 each night. You can continue taking the MiraLAX. You don't have to take Dr Schulze's intestinal Formula. My gastroenterologist knows all I take for constipation. I go to a pain management doctor. I am on opiates which is monitored closely by my doctor. Here is a link for more info on fibromyalgia.
I hope I got the link correct. If not Google Fibro support. It should take you to thier site.
Not sure if I addressed all your questions. Let me know if you get some more answers from the Fibro support team.
Good luck.