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Digestive issues and fibromyalgia

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Dec 26, 2022 | Replies (25)

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I have both fibromyalgia and chronic reflux disease. Plus I have chronic pain in my low back and my neck. Both areas have stenosis, degenerative disc, bulging disc and bone spurs along with arthritis. So I am a patient of pain management, a gastroenterologist at UVA, hormonal specialist in Charlottesville VA as well as my PCP. I am on pain medication that causes constipation and or diarrhea. (Associated with IBS) what works for me is Mirilax but the generic version sold at Sam's club called ClearLAX. It looks just like the bottle of MiraLAX but is a fraction of the cost. I use 1 capful every morning in my coffee. You can't taste it at all. I also take 1 capsule of Dr Schulze's intestinal Formula #1 at night. I do drink 2 liters of water daily. Along with a high fiber diet. I have no problems with constipation.

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@refusisgolden57 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Your story is similar to mine!

Oh! my goodness. I have skipped over all these messages the last few days, thinking they don't apply to me, how can I contribute? Well, you all are helping me out so much, to read your experiences, let me tell you that!

Yep, I have fibromyalgia, diagnosed back in 2010, but also deal with a number of other issues including active blood cancer, and am a kidney dialysis patient. Multiple medications for chemo and kidney concerns. Digestive issues include constipation and diarrhea, doing the whole pendulum as I bet you all can relate to, right?! My dialysis clinic recommends Miralax, and I did get name brand at Costco, but will go to generic at Walmart next time. It seems like when I am going through a diarrhea phase last thing I want is Miralax! There are times I have even taken one of the anti-nausea meds for chemo to relax my large muscles in the gut to get relief. There is no rhyme or reason for timing on the constipation or diarrhea, meals eaten, time of day, etc. I never considered my fibromyalgia as a factor.

Thank you, everyone. Definitely following this thread, now.

Did your Dr recommend the Dr Schulze product? Instead of Miralax, I use a brand sold at Target that is cheaper. Do you take anything for your fibromyalgia? I have been having bad all-over body muscle pain off and on for months but Drs can't find anything wrong with me through blood tests etc. I am wondering if I might have it. I've also had chronic insomnia for months. Both started after I got Covid in late January. Thank you.