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Digestive issues and fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia | Last Active: Dec 26, 2022 | Replies (25)

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Thank you for your response. Yes!! You were helpful any tips are helpful. I just been diagnosed in early November of this year so I have much to learn. With the Metamucil husk thing, do you put it in water? Or is there another drink that goes better? I'm not a fan of water. I never tried to bed thing but maybe I should. 🤔 my teeth have all ready gone, I truly believe from the acid. I also want to believe it caused my hiatal hernia, but I'm not sure. Your information I find very valuable and thank you again. God's blessings to you.

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Just want to give a tip about psyllium husk for constipation. If you don't like water, I don't either, I buy this in capsule form at Walmart. Its 100% husk. I take 3 a day, plus eat lots of whole grain wheat toast. It helps that I love toast. Maybe some don't like it. I tried raising the head of my bed for acid reflux but it didn't help. I take 20 mg pepsid in a.m. and keep tums by bed for middle of night heartburn. Blessing to all.

@gastrochic you can use juice instead of water or any other flavoured non carbonated water, but since you would be drinking two glasses of liquid (one with psyllium mixture then a second glass of plain liquid) you might find it too sweet. I prefer unflavoured so I have no problem with it.

The brand name, Metamucil, comes in a couple of flavours as well as un flavoured so you might prefer that, although you would be mixing it with water, and the second glass would be plain water. That way, you will have to drink only one glass of just water.