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Hi @navrang. Treatment for anemia will depend on why your body isn’t making enough red blood cells or hemoglobin. Once the underlying cause is determined then treatment options can be suggested for you by your health team. Anemia can be a side effect of kidney disease but there are still other factors that need to be considered. Just diet alone might not be enough to bring up your red blood count.

This is a good article to read that helps explain the potential types of Anemia causes for people with Chronic Kidney disease and the treatments. It can be caused by an Iron, Vitamin or EPO (hormone) deficiency.
A healthy diet, rich in iron building foods is a great way for you to help increase your levels naturally. This is one of many sites on the internet which has good suggestions.
However, the best source of information for your condition would be to check with your nephrologist/urologist to find out the cause of your anemia and then you’ll be able to get some targeted help for your condition. Have you talked this over with your doctor or their nurse practitioner?

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I've continually asked my doctors about the hemoglobin and red blood cells. None of them seem that interested in giving me an answer to this or finding the underlying cause. I have chronic inflammation most likely due to my 4 autoimmune disorders. some of my doctors keep telling me to take more iron, then one today told me to stop because my body is not absorbing it. My anemia is not iron deficiency related. It is causing major fatigue and it seems like none of the doctors want to address the problem, other than exercise.