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@ripley If possible, get a referral to a hematologist for full testing. As you might know, multiple myeloma starts out in lesser stages of MGUS and Smoldering Multiple Myeloma [SMM]. Based on test results, they might do a bone marrow biopsy, or adopt a wait-and-see approach with repeat testing every six months or so. Having family members with MM already, you should be making sure your medical team is aware of that, and that gives you added incentive to be mindful.

I indeed had symptoms similar to you, but it was due to other health issues. Chronic kidney disease and fibromyalgia had a lot to do with some of my symptoms being called out for one condition, that in reality was something else. Funny how the body is like that.

Will you check into getting to a hematologist and let me know what you find out?

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I recently had more blood work done including Basic Metabolic Panel, CBC, Ionized Calcium and Serum Protein. Everything was normal except for the ionized calcium which was 1/2 mg above the normal range. My regular calcium was within the normal range, but on the high end. My main symptoms are muscle pain, sometimes severe, and insomnia that started 5 days after I got Covid in late January 2022. The muscle pain was bad for 2 months after Covid, then got a lot better until a few weeks ago when it started again. I am wondering if I either have Long Covid or Fibromyalgia, which Drs haven't diagnosed because there's no definitive tests for those conditions, or my symptoms could be related to my poor sleep. Thank you for your concern and advice.