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Trigger thumb: What helps?

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Labor Day weekend of this year I developed a trigger thumb on my right hand. I tried to ease or reverse it with – in order – rest, ice, Aleve, Voltaren gel, assorted specific exercises, laying off Letrozole for a few weeks (oncologist’s suggestion), ingnoring it, and overworking it again. Pain level varied, from moderate to severe, sometimes going all the way to the lowest thumb joint. I finally got a cortisone injection in base of thumb 2 weeks ago, and it has helped a little, so far. I was told to see how it feels after 4 weeks, then discuss potential surgery.
I know many people have done this relatively minor surgery, and I’m quite ready to do this, IF: this is a one-time thing, and if the root cause of the trigger thumb makes no difference in the outcome.
I had absolutely overworked my thumb with hours of intense yard work (weed pulling) 2 consecutive days prior to start of symptoms, and on the other hand had been on Letrozole for 18 months but without any side effects, so it’s a toss-up which is the cause.
Any thoughts on this?

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Hi @ellerbracke, I moved your newest message to the original discussion you started about trigger thumb where you got several helpful message from members here:
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Because this is a topic fairly common among women in treatment for breast cancer, I also added the discussion to the Breast Cancer group. Fellow members @elizm @sequoia @bluebird70 @sparklegram @mari @paddyo have also talked about trigger finger in relation to taking an aromatase inhibitor like anastrozole or letrozole.

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@ellerbracke I was on Anastrozole for clues to 3 yrs and I developed a trigger thumb. Mentioned to my oncologist regarding as a side effect. He said No, it wasn’t not from med. I researched and found a small plastic device called ‘Oval 8’. It worked for me. Probably in a week +:- a few days ( I can’t remember exactly) my thumb was back to normal. You can buy on Amazon. Here is Oval 8 website. https://www.3pointproducts.com/oval-8-finger-splint-copy-1 Very inexpensive. Good luck. Worth a try before doing surgery. Blessings

I have this on right ring finger and left middle finger. I had a couple injections but they told me it it doesn't help I should get surgery. I am very active and use my hands for cycling,skiing,kayaking and more. It even bothers me when cutting vegetables in the kitchen!
Not much pain, fortuneatly. I figured it was overuse and age.