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Using eliquis during episodes

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- Anticoagulation On Demand? The Pill-in-the-Pocket Approach to A-fib Treatment https://www.tctmd.com/news/anticoagulation-demand-pill-pocket-approach-fib-treatment

Have you discussed this approach with your cardiologist?

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I intend to at my next appt. In the mean time I am trying to establish my stroke risk. I saw caveat in one of the major calculators saying that as an example, that someone with well controlled hypertension should not be scored for it. In contrast another asked if there were a history of diabetes, and hypertension. Yet another frames the question as a high value, or the use of medication. My BMI is 23, all my blood markers ar good, my A1c is 5.3, BP 115/75 cholesterol exellent, I1m vegan ,and walk 2 miles a day. The MD at the ER scored me as 2 on the Chads2Vasc2. So I hope that my cardiologist will agree.