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@mglinkhart I am so sorry to hear your news. What you are sharing is so valuable …. Being our own advocate and listening to yourself. There are times I tire of always checking a new pain or issue out, but each of us is dealing with a cellular beast, and we have to keep fighting it off. Sometimes my primary doctor seems to give off, “what are you worried about now?” ……. But I have to follow through with unexplained issues, or simply those that do not resolve. I think it’s important we encourage each other to stay in this fight, and keep watch. This is not to be excessive (because it can be easy to cross that line), but it is to stay diligent. Praying for you this day. Stay strong.

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Thank you for your thoughtful message. My name is Maria Linkhart. I will be 72 in a week. I’m not sure if we are suppose to share this info or not but sometimes we need to be able to talk to someone who knows how you actually feel. Putting on the happy face 24/7 is so hard. only those of us that have to go through this and take all the poisons and pills that they push on us can understand not every day things change but almost hourly you could be walking across the room and your knee will give out and now you have a bad knee or your hand will start throbbing or you’ll break out in a rash that last for months. The side effects accumulatively can make you just wanna crawl in bed and not get out. I always feel like I’m complaining so I quit talking. Nobody wants to hear it. I don’t even want to hear it. I’m fortunate in finding a very good female oncologist where I get my medical care in Arizona and she accommodates me in every way and she’s very honest with me and telling me pros and cons and even when I asked her what my prognosis is she was honest I hope. Anyway thank you for your heartfelt comment it meant a lot to me. Sending prayers back to you. Maria