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Kidney renal mass biopsy

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@predictable. Hi there I was just reading your replies to the original poster. So the new tumor on your kidney, is it thought to be cancer? I only ask because I am going through similar instance with my husband. He had imaging done that showed a possible solid mass on the side of his kidney. His surgeon who we are established with does not seem one bit concerned with it. We were just told to have repeat imaging 6 months later in December. I wasn't sure if this was normal practice to just watch and wait...

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Hi @mrb2. I wonder whether your husband can get more information from his medical team about the imaging on his kidney mass. When mine was discovered, the radiologist said the MRI showed tissue that appeared unlikely to be malignant. That was almost 10 years ago. My urologist (who was treating me at the time) described all of the possibilities and the importance of getting the diagnosis right -- which was more likely with more information a few months later. So we delayed surgery and I got an updated MRI a few months later. Verdict: Probably benign growth in the adrenal gland on one kidney. This is a crucial distinction: Is the growth on the kidney or in the adrenal gland located on the kidney? The growth has been checked periodically since then, showing no expansion or transit elsewhere, so we're still watching and waiting. Perhaps you can get some information at this website: https://www.bidmc.org/conditions-and-treatments/cancers-tumors-and-blood/kidney-tumors-and-kidney-cancer. But you'd be better served by a medical team that provides your husband with satisfying information. I had more to say in my posting above on August 21, 2017. You might find that helpful. Martin