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Diastolic dysfunction

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Hello< I am a 49 year old Female that has just been Diagnosed with Diastolic Dysfunction. My heart was fine until after I had the Moderna vaccine. I had no issues nothing and then after that I started swelling and went to the Dr and the did a cardiac panel on my. She said my BNP was 253 and she put me on a water pill 80 mgs. I then had it checked again after the 2 months and my BNP is 30. I am so scared and my diet has gotten worse as I have been anxiety eating and drinking. I have a Cardiologist appt in 2 weeks. I am scared and do not know how to handle this and this itself has put a ton of stress on me. I cant get myself settled.

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Hi @brendalee513. Glad to hear you're set up with a cardiologist next month. To help you prepare for the appointment, you might get some help from this article: https://www.health.harvard.edu/newsletter_article/bnp-an-important-new-cardiac-test. My diastolic dysfunction is from A-fib and thickening of my left ventricle as well as hypertension, but my medical team has done a good job of keeping me "on the road." If you can develop a half-dozen good questions for your cardiologist to answer, you'll join me as a "sometime survivor" who doesn't worry as much about what's coming. Martin