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Lichen planus

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Diagnosed 2 years ago. I am 42. I really did not get a complete understanding of it. I'm perfectly healthy. I did a biopsy on leg when it was first spotted. I am now having a outbreak on the fore arm, legs, around ankles, too of my foot. In to make it all bad I'm light skin in the scarring is horrible. Do any of you have suggestion on soap to use? Does certain kind flare it up? I read on things that can flare it like ibuprofen, Advil, metal fillings. I mean it just came out the blue. I have used steroid cream for 14 days it's still there n ik that can cause thinking of skin for long periods of using. Does any one know if folic acid pills make it better

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Oh also if I use Tumeric I do i use it in food or liquid

Hello, @navyblue – welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. The scarring you are talking about would distress me, too.

I have moved your post here to this discussion on lichen planus (LS) so you can talk with others in this existing discussion on this condition about your questions such as the kind of soap to use and whether any particular kinds of soap or other factors can flare up the lichen planus. They may also have some thoughts to share on whether folic acid pills are helpful. Please meet @becsbuddy @jlclaussen @grammlyn @dreamer38 and others here.

Have you noticed anything so far that seems to make your LS flare up?

Good morning. I’m so sorry you’re having these skin problems. There is just nothing worse! I don’t think I had lichen Planus but I know I had some major skin irritations. What I learned was to eliminate all Products with fragrances . Even laundry soap. It took a little while, but it has worked. I just don’t know why manufacturers think that everything has to have fragrance! Best of luck

Hello. My doctor has started me on a regime of folic acid daily except on one day in the week, only, I take 6 pills of methotrexate. So far, I feel it has helped. I don't seem to itch as much and some of the spots on my legs are drying up. I am praying that this will be totally successful. Any relief is better than nothing, however. Good luck,

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