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Update for Gynae Oncologist
Contacted me yesterday and have an appointment on November 28th. Should I take an off now for work , or work still until I meet the oncologist. My jobs are more on physical demanding job. I’m off week this week using my vacation.
To all my co patients,after you meet up with your oncologist, how long did you wait to schedule for hysterectomy surgery.

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I was just diagnosed with uterine cancer also with endometrial adenocarcinoma. They were going to do the surgery immediately within two days but I said no because we needed to confer with my cardiologist. Just had a cardiac surgery and wanted to determine the best process to follow with the least risk to me. I have a transesophageal echo echo scheduled for 12 one. And expect my hysterectomy to be scheduled after that.

Great, so glad you have an appt set. I am retired but I can tell you I continued my routine until I met with the Gyn onc. She did a pelvic exam to confirm how she would do the surgery which I think you will have….also because I also had fibroids she wanted to double check how she’d remove everything in one piece. The exam was less time than a normal annual Gyn exam. It wasn’t a big deal. Whatever you normally would do for a Gyn appt should be fine. Do you usually work up until you have a regular Gyn appt? The Gyn onc appt I had was on 10/7 and I was able to have my robotic laparoscopic full hysterectomy on 10/19. Surgery went extremely well. I had had a D&C 9/28 so they wanted to wait 3 weeks after the D&C.

Learned of cancer biopsy on November 14th and had my first oncologist meeting November 17 and surgery scheduled for Dec. 7th. Still waiting for body scan. Symptoms of intermittent post menopausal bleeding began 14 months ago but biopsy at that time did not show cancer, Bleeding subsided but began again 4 months ago. Still intermittent. Praying for localised cancer with clear margins during hysterectomy.

@whengzy19 Great that you have that appointment coming up soon. As @pugpeople wrote I kept up with my usual days and routines until I saw the gyn-oncologist. Before my appointment she read my chart and my pathology results so she came into the room prepared with her recommendations. I was scheduled for a hysterectomy 5 days later. I was retired from full-time work by then but still working part-time. I decided to take those days off before the hysterectomy so I could clean up the house a bit and stock the refrigerator figuring that I would not feel like doing much after the surgery. I didn't have any specific physical restrictions before the surgery. I did have instructions for the day before the surgery that had to do when to stop eating solid food but that's the case for all surgeries where you will have general anesthesia.

I hope this helps. @whengzy19 Will you please let me know what happens at your appointment on November 28?

Hi, it took me for months to schedule the TAHBSO