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Evusheld Update

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I got some good news Friday afternoon! I got the anticipated return call! All I have to do now is get my doctor to submit a request form with my patient demographics and then, if approved, the infusion center will schedule an appointment. 🤞
I will be contacting my PCP tomorrow, to ask if he will do the request. I don't know if he will want/need information from my transplant team.

@joko, I am going to check out the site later today! One interesting thing that I have experienced is that evusheld is in stock closer to me (45 miles) but only for their patients. I'm in Kentucky. If I'm approved, I'm going to drive 86 miles to get it. However, it sure beats 750 miles to Rochester!

I'll post more when I know more.

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@rosemarya Bill's transplant center is 4 hours each way from us. The two places I found close by are about 30 miles each way! One is a pharmacy, one is a cancer center associated with a major hospital in the next county below us.

The website @joko posted is no doubt helping a lot of us!

You're right! anything is closer than 750 miles to Rochester!

My local clinic would not give me the Evushield. They say government has tight controls on who gets it. Mayo Rochester finally said I could get it there. I am only 70 miles so I got it in the morning and was back home by lunch.

Time for an update to my attempt to get the 2nd dose of Evusheld. I'm still waiting!

I got a response from my PCP office on Nov 18 telling me that the request was sent to infusion center – and received by them! so following my earlier instructions from infusion center, I decided to with 3-4 days before calling them. With the Thanksgiving holiday, I waited until today, Nov. 28.
Guess what!?! they do not see it in their entries.
So – today, I have requested for the PCP nurse to call me so I can be sure of correct address – and to resend it. My patience is running on LOW. The infusion center will call me as soon as they get it, or let me know by 8 PM if they don't get the faxed request. 🤞

@guidant07, @joko, @scottij, @hello1234 , @gingerw – I don't know of anyone else is in a similar situation. I really am taking in all of the positive vibes that you have recently shared in this conversation.