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Neuropathy and constipation

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@korgman123 – I have had issues off and on for a few years with constipation and think I finally might have it under control. I'm not sure it's related to my small fiber peripheral neuropathy but it may have played a part in the problem. A few weeks ago I had bilateral inguinal hernia surgery but before the surgeon agreed to do the surgery I had to spend a little over a month getting the constipation under control. I used Miralax daily and sometimes twice daily along with an Rx of Lactulose to kick start the movements – https://www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements/lactulose-oral-route/side-effects/drg-20528356. I am still taking Miralax daily but was told I can reduce the amount to see how it goes. The goal is for me not to strain when having a bowel movement to unfix the hernia surgery.

I've also worked on eater more fiber rich food to help. I found this article that talks on the topic of treating constipation and might be helpful.

— Treatment of gastrointestinal autonomic neuropathy
Have you discussed the constipation with your doctor or tried using any over the counter remedies like Miralax, fiber supplements, etc…?

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Thanks John. I will try Miralax.

John – I've had on and off issues and my doc suggested I try Citrucel and that has worked well, fiber being important and yes, no doubt this can be an issue with some neuropathy.

A lot of us have intestinal issues especially if you taking pain medication. Yogurt is wonderful for this if eaten daily. It’s important that it has live cultures. That’s the stuff that helps. Not a solution for all but it helps.
I hope you all get a good nights rest.

Yes, I have had a full workup with my gastroenterologist. I had a defacography, which is an x-ray of bowel function. Not a pleasant test, but it revealed a sluggish colon which does not function properly. My gastroenterologist basically said that my neuropathy was causing the problem with elimination and that I would probably have to rely on suppositories and enemas. Bulck and fibre just backs up. Miralax helps some but my colon is still sluggish and does not form proper stool.

Thanks for info John. I’m having terrible constipation and took Miralax 2 days ago to no avail. I’ve taken aloe Vera juice as well. Does miralax take awhile to help?