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Thank you for being so generous with your time. A lot of this is helpful. I know which Dr you are referring to and had been thinking about trying to see him. I am on another forum Team Inspire and many of the people on it go to the National Jewish Hospital. NJH seems to put a lot of emphasis on airway clearance information and education along with treatments. I am sure both are excellent choices. Too bad NJH is at such a high altitude in Denver. Kind of ironic for those with lung issues! Pseudomonas tends to become less active when other bacterias are eliminated but it is rarely eliminated. Mine always shows up fairly heavily in cultures with mucoid strain which is the chronic form. Thank you again so much. I hope the Colistin keeps helping you. Keep us posted!

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@irenea8 Well I think there is much more to learn about NCFB. Hopefully bringing awareness to the disease will bring new medications that are affordable, and quicker diagnosis to those suffering and don’t know why. In the meantime we have to figure out what works best for us and work hard at staying as healthy as possible. I remember years ago one of the allergists that I went to told me I didn’t ever want to have pseudomonas it was so hard to treat. But here we are. And it sounds like you are really struggling. Keep us posted on how you decide to continue with your care. Don’t give up, there’s good help out there!