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I had burning mouth syndrome and started the “pulling” with coconut oil and was very surprised that after a week or so my mouth felt much better and now I have no symptoms of BMS and I had it severe for several months. I had extensive dental treatment and I’m pretty sure there was nerve damage, in fact I have one crown that is sitting on a nerve but again at least for now I no longer have BMS. It affected one side of the gums, roof of mouth and tongue. Look up Pulling to see how it’s done. Good luck!

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Here’s some insights into how I’ve managed both Dry mouth and Burning mouth… the first, … for the first two years I had to lay and sleep in a semi sitting position so that the little saliva I had moisturized the mouth, slowly I started getting rid of a pillow, then another until I could breathe and sleep in a more relaxed position… of course in order to do this I made sure to apply a moisturizer gel prior to laying down, then wake up some 3-4 hours later and do it again…. It’s not a perfect solution but it helps… don’t get me wrong, dry mouth is still there but not as severe…. As for Burning mouth, this was a problem at the very beginning and lasted for about 3 years, any kind of citrus or gas would burn my throat and mouth, so I stayed away from them… remember, the inner lining of the whole oral cavity went through some pretty nasty trauma, so it’s natural that problems would arise… but the body is a remarkable thing, it learns to cope and in turn with time it adapts to the changes… now I am ver conscious of what I can and cannot have, diluting everything with, say water or milk or yogurt helps a lot, it not only helps in swallowing but keeping the Burning mouth to a minimum if at all… but that’s just my way of dealing with it, you do what you must to keep moving forward, keep an open mind and stay strong and determined…. Hope some of this helps… All my Best to You and Yours….