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C Diff

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Update. I had an appt with my gi doc today and he believes I still have it 🙁 so he’s putting me on Alina.
Has anyone tried this before?

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Hi Tiara…This is my first time on this discussion so please bare with me. I am on the site for pretty much the same reasons/illness that you have…I have been sick since middle of January. It is horrible…you are so sick “all-over” that is is hard to describe. I also have lost about 30 Lbs since January…and still losing. I had a Colonostomy in Feb. and an Endoscopy in April..first diagnosed with severe Colitis. Took three weeks of Flagyl and Ciprofloxicin with little improvement. Then went to another GI Dr. who is very conscienceious and was immediately diagnosed with C. Diff. and loaded up on Dicyclomine, Amitiza, Probiotics, Nexium, and Fiber-Lax. From the Endo. I was also diagnosed with Barretts Esophogus…caused from Acid Reflux. At this point, these medications have helped a lot, but I still have to really watch what I eat, be sure and take all the medicines timely, and live with constant stomach pain, bowel problems, sore throat, trouble swallowing, and general sick-feeling all the time. I am continuing to “Bug” my GI or his PA’s to help me feel better. Just saw another PA on Fri. No encouragement. So, that is why I am on this site. I am considering going to Mayo Clinic for a full “Once-Over.” I can’t stand it either…

have you tried the holistic aproach. go see a nutritionist if you can because one thing i have learned is that only one out of hundreds makes to much stomach acid. the heartburn or what they call “gerd” is usually from to little acid. I am extremly ill and down to 100 pounds and i cannot eat. ive been drinking smoothies with protien and vitamin powder. have had several test and yet to have a diagnosis other then ibs when i know thats not what it is. this week i will be swallowing a camera pill so that they can look at my small intestines since they couldnt find anything with the colonoscopy and the upper endoscopy but i do know that one of the big problems was from taking ant acids for far to long. So my nutritionalist put me on a suppliment called gastracid and digestive enzymes. and it did help. now i no longer eat enough to take them but will again when i am able to get back on solids. i can really relate to what your going through. my pain is constant and i am now so mal nourished i can barely function and its making me incredibly anxious. one thing that helps with the pain is achupuncture. id definatly look into alternative meds because eastearn medicine and drs have been around far longer. and western docs are simply so obsessed with money. in the medical society if your not wealthy you dont deserve to be healthy. i hate it so much and feel quite hopeless at times.

It’s sad but so true. You always see a celebrity being hospitalized for exhaustion. Really? I’m genuinely sick here and all three ers that I went to just told me to wait it out. My gi doc doesn’t seem too concerned about my 43 pound weight loss. I’ve been trying to eat baked potatoes and toast with peanut butter and protein shakes to gain weight but I’m still losing it 🙁 and idk what to do. I am miserable. I feel as though something else
Is wrong besides the c diff. I’ve always wanted to try acupuncture. I think I may since I’m so stressed and anxious now. And no I haven’t tried the holistic route yet. Ive always been a firm believer in meds but they haven’t worked for me yet so I may go that route. Someone that works with my mom is going through the same situation with her daughter. She’s not able to eat or keep anything down and she lost a ton of weight and they just slapped the ibs diagnosis on her. It seems to be the answer to everything if they can’t find out what’s really wrong with you. I wish you the best and I hope you begin to feel better soon 🙂

That’s why I want to go to mayo. They have docs that specialize in c diff there and it’s everything in one place. No rushed feeling at your appts.
If the doctors knew how we felt there would be urgency and a sense of concern and encouragement. I’m here for support whenever you need it. People think its just an upset stomach and it’ll go away eventually. No it’s far from that. I’m currently sitting in the er right now due to shortness of breath. The doctor that diagnosed you with c diff shouldn’t not have put you on any of those. An antibiotic and and probiotic is what you need. Antibiotic you’d probably need vancomycin and for the probiotic
You should get florastor. Best of luck to you and your recovery. Like I said I’m here for support.
You feel like complaining and no one else
Will listen I’m here. I want to slap people that tell me to stay positive lol

I believe that Cipro is one of the antibiotics known to cause c-diff. I wonder why the doctors would prescribe Cipro for either one of you. Standard treatments are Flagyl first, then Vancomycin if needed. Also, if you search this site for “c-diff”, someone known as “MOCN” has offered up a very good recommendation for treatment. Wish you all the best.

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